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Feedback from our graduates

Former DISC students report ...

Christina Siewert

"The DISC study course at the University of Kaiserslautern was a wonderful experience I'll always look back on fondly. The support that you and your colleagues gave me was outstanding. Many thanks for an inspiring time! I will recommend this course to others."

Graduate in "Management of Cultural and Non-Profit Organizations" (2010)

Sebastian Schirra

"I really enjoyed the distance learning degree and feel it was perfectly organised. Please carry on in the same way - I can only recommend the DISC! I have also had similar feedback from my former fellow students."

Graduate in "Medical Physics"

Thomas Förster

"Many thanks to the staff and lecturers of the Medical Physics course for the wonderful time at the University of Kaiserslautern and the fact that they were always there to lend their support. Thank you very much!"

Graduate in "Medical Physics"

Sylvia Sander

"I was a human resources development manager at a major bank and became a self-employed personnel consultant following the birth of my son. Alongside this, I began my Master's degree.
My motivation in doing this was to keep up-to-date with the field of human resources development, expand my knowledge of the theoretical foundations and connections and to further develop myself as a person. It has been a tremendous success for me and I gained my Master's degree before my son's third birthday. It was challenging, demanding and rewarding. Now I will use the topic of my Master's dissertation - competence management - to build on and enhance my self-employment. The phases of independent learning and attendance phases meant that the Master's degree course was perfectly suited to my new life model, and thanks to the excellent support throughout the course I always felt in good hands."

Hofheim, graduate "Human Resources Development"

Thorsten Scheffner, Hamburg

"I would like to take this opportunity to give you feedback on the success I have enjoyed thanks to the course: I have just had to reapply for the post of department head at my school and face up to some strong competition. In the discussion with the selection panel I focused on presenting my knowledge about communication, management behavior, vision and human resources development that I primarily gained from the course. In short, the job is mine and my school supervisor told me that my background knowledge significantly exceeded the knowledge of the other candidates.

Many thanks to all involved in Kaiserslautern!"

Graduate in "School Management"

Holger Oesterling

"I would like to thank you again for your excellent support, and in particular the extremely prompt response to all questions and the flexibility on your part that made the course more convenient for me in many ways. The LL.M. (oec.) is my fourth title and I speak from a wealth of experience in study courses when I say that the first-class support enjoyed by the students here is by no means the norm."

Graduate in "Economic Law"

Uwe Besecke, Neustadt/Wstr.

"I never thought it was possible to successfully complete such a challenging course at the first attempt even at an 'advanced' age. I would particularly like to thank you for the very good support during the course. You were always approachable whenever I had problems, the attendance phases were superbly organized and it was fun to study again."

Graduate in "Economic Law"

Christian Reimer, LL.M. (Oec.), M.A., Diplom-Wirtschaftsjurist (FH), travel consultant [Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)], certified tourist guide [Bremen University of Applied Sciences, among others], AEVO trainer [IHK], flight instructor

"Immediately after completing my course I was offered the position of sole managing director of an education institution in Berlin with an average of 60 classes. My academic qualification in Adult Education was a key factor for receiving this offer. I was also offered a management post at a German financial services provider.

However, I decided to continue working as a freelance management consultant, and in this respect the LL.M. (Oec.) has given my reputation a real boost. I have been able to command higher fees as a lecturer and significantly improve my position among colleagues. Ultimately, and thanks to my new academic qualification, I was elected chairman of a 15-strong audit committee at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Berlin for a commercial vocation in tourism."

Graduate in "in Economic Law" and "Adult Education"

Med.-Ök., Dr. med. Jürgen Schmidt, MBA

"I was elected regional chairman of a medical professional association as my economic and business law expertise puts me in a better position to lead the association than my predecessor."

Graduate in "Economic Law"

Dr. Rolf-Dieter Mayer, Chefarzt

"I have been chief physician at an accident surgery department for over 10 years. The changes in the German health system in general and the hospital in particular demand a high degree of knowledge in the area of health management. My colleagues made me aware that the Management of Health and Social Institutions distance learning study course was a feasible option, as this was the only way to gain the knowledge I needed alongside my work. My motivation to acquire knowledge in hospital management beyond the boundaries of medical issues and my personal interest in getting to know the methods and process of a distance learning degree were the driving forces behind my decision to participate in this course.

The clear design and content of the individual topics in the form of distance learning study material competently processed by proven specialists in theory and practice helped shape the course right from the start. The study materials were clearly structured, comprehensive and perfectly suited for independent learning. Support from the DISC was guaranteed throughout every term, with competent points of contact always available during self-study periods via telephone or e-mail. The attendance phases in Kaiserslautern and Witten/Herdecke were perfectly organized.

The progression to the four-term Master's degree course was particularly beneficial to me personally because of the introduction of special topics specific to hospitals. Thanks to the practical orientation of the individual study material, it is always possible to apply the acquired knowledge to the processes of change in the hospital. The acquisition of a university qualification in the form of a Master's degree is an acknowledged quality feature that leaves a positive outward impression as well as enhancing personal knowledge. An additional qualification relating to management of health institutions is also extremely helpful to actively influence and overcome the imminent structural crises in the hospital sector with newly-acquired knowledge. "

Graduate in "Management of Health and Social Institutions"

Christiane Müller, chief government official

"International competition is forcing state-financed universities to utilise a higher degree of autonomy to adapt to a management system based on economic results. This demands professional management of research and teaching and thereby also a professionalisation of university administration.

The Master of Arts in Adult Education (M.A.) extra-occupational study course at the University of Kaiserslautern offers well-founded knowledge based on practical applications in the relevant areas of education and knowledge management, marketing, e-learning and evaluation. Practice-based modules such as budgeting, quality assurance, communication, methods of organizational development and new media in adult education round off the program. The course conveys the style of adult education. This represents an important aspect, for example, in drawing up and implementing university courses and events in the field of further education. An interdisciplinary outlook, practical relevance and the formation of appropriate networks are encouraged in the study course.

The course itself is structured as a four-semster distance learning degree with attendance phases in Kaiserslautern and is therefore convenient for study on an extra-occupational basis. Professional staff take care of questions relating to the course quickly and competently at any time. The DISC's many years of experience is also noticeable in the structure of the distance learning degree with regard to both content and organization."

Graduate in "Adult Education"

Dr. G.A. Müller, Ladbergen

"I would like to thank you for the top-class support and the professional and personal accompaniment throughout the course. The outstanding, modern and clear study material also make an ideal work of reference. I found the study climate to be pleasant and the attendance phases and instructors excellent.

I am a chief physician and medical director at a cardiological rehabilitation institution. My motivation to take up the distance learning degree lay in my desire to acquire professional management knowledge on the optimal positioning of a private rehabilitation clinic against a background of constantly changing framework conditions regarding health policy.

I have really profited from my participation in the Management of Health and Social Institutions distance learning course, as it enabled me to gain a post in the same position at a larger institution."

Graduate in "Management of Health and Social Institutions"

Friedhelm Gallinat, M.A.

"The Management of Health and Social Institutions study course at the DISC in Kaiserslautern provided me with an interesting scientific basis for my work. As a newcomer to the sector and as a board member of a clinic, I was able to scrutinize my practical management experience and reorient myself in accordance with current management practices.

During the course I was able to learn about the topics of project management, process management, change management, organization, as well as corporate culture to build a broad foundation for my management knowledge. In my Master's dissertation I tackled and restructured a current topic from my professional environment (a living case). The study course was a great success for me. Studying on an extra-occupational basis has been well worth it for me, and the financial expenses were absolutely acceptable."

Graduate in "Management of Health and Social Institutions"

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Herwig, M.A., head doctor, deputy chief physician, Clinic for General and Social Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Psychiatry in Zurich

"Four years ago I decided to take a management course relating to the increasing amount of administrative work and the management responsibilities I will be faced with as a future chief physician. My colleagues recommended the Management of Health and Social Institutions distance learning course to me and I registered.

During the course of four semesters, topics relating to management tasks in the hospital sector, which in my view assume a key role, were brought to life from a physician's point of view. Disciplined work at home completing the assignments set each semester and preparing for the examinations allowed me to study the material thoroughly. Although time management was not easy with my family commitments, I still appreciated the on campus events that are kept within reasonable time limits. The support was good, the processes seamlessly organized.

Now, almost two years after completing my course, for me there are two important things about my studies that I'd like to mention: firstly that I was able to use this additional qualification to help advance my career, and secondly that what I have learned in the course is useful and I can constantly make use of it in my everyday working life."

Graduate in "Management of Health and Social Institutions"

Joachim Willms, Bad Oeynhausen

"When I began my work in vocational training at two rehabilitation clinics, it was necessary for me to acquire knowledge of the methodical and didactic structuring of teaching scenarios and of managing further education centers. Work colleagues brought the extra occupational distance learning degree in Adult Education at the University of Kaiserslautern to my attention.

The distance learning degree was ideal preparation for my work in further education management. The structure of the study material allowed for the contents to be learned quickly and transferred easily to everyday situations in my professional life. As it is possible to choose from a variety of study modules, the study course could be designed in accordance with my own further education needs. A number of innovative topics from the field of further education were covered by the study modules, including e-learning and knowledge management. I particularly enjoyed the module on education evaluation, which allowed me to gain a range of competencies relating to the evaluation of education processes. I would particularly like to highlight the outstanding support given by the course instructors, who were always available to help with any questions about the course as well as queries on everyday practice in further education and always provided very competent, expert advice.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful time working toward the distance learning degree and the excellent support in the Adult Education course at the University of Kaiserslautern."

Graduate M.A. "Adult Education"

Marion Riese, physiotherapist, M.A. Adult Education

"I have been a physiotherapist for 24 years and a teacher at a training college for 16 years. As the academization in the field of physiotherapy is showing no signs of abating, I decided to take a Bachelor's degree course in physiotherapy at the age of 40. When I completed this I wanted to learn more about the professionalization in education and so studied Adult Education in Kaiserslautern. Very good support, attendance phases I always looked forward to and detailed feedback to the completed study material gave new impetus to my personal growth, which in turn motivated me to participate in new academic projects. Heartfelt thanks to the whole team."

Graduate in "Adult Education"

Birsel Tosun, Moers

"I have been working as a trained nursing pedagogy specialist at a nursing school since 2003. A former colleague had completed the distance learning Master's degree in Adult Education at the University of Kaiserslautern, which gave me the encouragement I needed to also decide to take this extra-occupational study course. At the time my main motivation was to develop good perspectives for my future career and open career advancement possibilities. Independent learning was a big change for me in the beginning, as I was unused to not having immediate contact with the other students.

At the first on campus event I then got to know some wonderful fellow students and was able to exchange specialist knowledge with them. Thanks to the support of the staff (particularly Ms. Müller and Ms. Hoffmann) I can only say that I felt very well looked after. Whenever I had any questions, I could turn to these two staff members. Ms. Müller gave me excellent support during my Master's dissertation, for which she helped me gain valuable inspiration when I was drawing up the central subject, objective and structure.

The on campus events were always very informative and we were prepared for the examinations very well. Although I had my doubts in the beginning, I can now say that this study course was an enriching experience for me. My mindset and point of view have changed. Many of the modules and also the exchange with my fellow students contributed to this. Prof. Arnold's lectures during the on campus events also gave me much food for thought.

The study course enriched my personal development in every way."

Graduate, M.A. "Adult Education"

Dr. Achim Detering, Altenberge

"The Economy and Management distance learning degree at the University of Kaiserslautern proved particularly well-suited for those in employment. The on campus events (lectures, examinations) were held on weekends, and the work to be completed at home (distance learning study material and home assignments) could be finished after normal working hours within a sensible amount of time. In the DISC's online learning portal we discussed the results with our fellow students – we only discovered that one of us lived in North Africa when he was unable to attend a private group meeting.

The DISC was very accommodating to me during the course when I twice had to interrupt my studies for professional reasons. In general, I have good memories of the support staff, their readiness to help and their competence.

However, I would also like to mention that your own family must also play a supportive role when working towards a distance learning degree: they must tolerate the (intellectual) absence of the distance learning student and give you the time and space you need, as a Master's degree from the University of Kaiserslautern is not handed to students on a platter."

Graduate, "Economy and Management distance learning degree"

Dr. Tassilo Schneider

"Although the last two years were not always stress-free, in my case they contributed to a productive broadening of my horizon in every way – not just in the cultural and non-profit sector, but also far beyond that: I came into contact with lives, plans, ideas and points of view which were new to me thanks to stimulating reading, informative lectures and above all through a variety of personal encounters. And last but not least, I got to know Kaiserslautern a little, which in my view is a loveable and liveable town that I would love to visit again, given the chance."

Graduate, "Management of Cultural and Non-Profit Organizations distance learning degree", 2010

Reinhold Weinmann

"I am writing to thank you for your outstanding support during my distance learning course at the University of Kaiserslautern. Whether verbal or in writing, my questions to you were always answered straight away and you always helped me! I am sure that I am not the only student from the Management of Cultural and Non-Profit Organizations course to thank you in this way, as many other students have told me how happy they are with your fast and very good support. Thanks for everything!"

Graduate, "Management of Cultural and Non-Profit Organizations" distance learning degree, winter semester 2010/11