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European Adult Education

Target group

The target group for this certificate is rather diverse as it focuses on the generic competences for adult educators in general. Therefore, the certificate addresses people involved in the broad field of adult education. This may be practitioners or theorists but mostly experts within their field.


This certificate aims at broadening the view of (adult) educators with a perspective on adult education and a European dimension within this heterogeneous area of topics and people.

Admission Requirements

A graduate degree of a public or publically recognised university or university of applied sciences (Bachelor, Diploma or Master). A sufficient proof of English proficiency is mandatory. Qualified and relevant professional activity performed at least one year in the field of adult education following the first degree qualifying for a profession.

Work Experience

A minimum of one year of relevant work experience after acquiring the first degree is mandatory

Schedule and organization

Study time is 2 Semesters part time. The study programme is completely online. There are send in tasks, online courses and a written term paper of 20 pages.


Program content

Authors & modules

The certificate has six modules. Two modules form the framework consisting of online tutoriums providing introductions and possibilities for reflection. Four modules are focused on the contents of the certificate:

Module Term Module title Learning mode / Online Course CP
EM0 1 E-Tutorium „Kick-Off“ 2
EM1 1 Theoreticalframework Send in Tasks 5
EM2 1 Learning and Teaching Send in Tasks
Online Course
EM3 2 Management and public relations Send in Tasks 5
EM4 2
Policy and economy
Term paper (7 ECTS)
Online Course
Term paper
EM5 2
E-Tutorium “Touch-Down”E-Tutorium “Touch-Down” --- 2




The study fee for the "European Adult Education" distance learning program is 1050 Euros per term, plus the social fee of 101 Euros per term. The study fees cover all costs for the course materials and the administrative expenses.



The application period for "European Adult Education" runs from mid-May to end of August of every year. The courses begin in early October. The form for a written application is also available for download online. You may also apply online by using the link in the info box at the right of the screen.