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The "Organizational Development" distance learning Master's degree (held in German)

Professional consultation and support for organizational growth

The master degree program introduced here is designed to prepare students for the job of providing professional support to organizations in meeting the challenges of organizational development and change management, which represents a growing career field. The program teaches scientifically based knowledge and skills in the area of consulting and support for the development of businesses and organizations.

Target group

This is a two-year program designed for university graduates with at least one year of relevant work experience. The course, with its multi-disciplinary approach, is particularly appropriate for specialists and managers with leadership, consulting, or organizational responsibilities such as executives and managers, personnel and organizational developers, and business consultants.

In exceptional cases, applicants for the master distance learning course "Organizational Development" may also be accepted for the winter term 2013/14, who have relevant work experience but have not graduated for a university. These applicants must prove relevant professional work experience and have to pass an aptitude test. More information about this test (conducted in German) can be found here.

This course is held entirely in German.


The aim of the "Organizational Development" master program is to teach participants the scientific principles, to design organizational development processes, to provide support in an advisory role, and to review the results. Students will learn technical methods and acquire social and personal skills over the course of a four-term degree program.

The graduates of the "Organizational Development" course are awarded the academic degree "Master of Arts" (M.A.).

Schedule and organization

The standard course duration as a part time, vocational program including exam time is four terms. It is possible to interrupt the standard program. The lectures, practical exercises, and seminars in the "Organizational Development" program are conveyed by means of written course materials specifically developed for use in distance learning. Additionally, selected seminars are provided via an online learning platform. The preparation for classes and examinations requires approximately 20 hours per week. Further information about the application process can be found here.



The "Organizational Development" distance learning certificate course is carried out in cooperation with the H:G Hochschule für Gesundheit & Sport in Berlin. This privat university has its main campus in Berlin and others in Ismaning and Unna. To find out more about the university please go to: » www.my-campus-berlin.com.


On campus events

All participants in the "Organizational Development" distance learning program are required to attend a compulsory on campus event at the end of each semester. This event broadens the course content in terms of group projects and workshops, allows questions concerning the course materials to be raised, and provides a forum where practical applications of the course content can be discussed. In the first and third terms, a written examination is part of the compulsory attendance event. A choice of two different dates is offered for the compulsory events.

If a student is unable to attend the on campus event due to a professional commitment abroad, under some circumstances, it may be possible to substitute another performance in lieu of attending the required session.


Program content

The "Organizational Development" master's correspondence program consists of 6 course modules. These include such topics as organizational design, intervention at various levels, organizational consulting, and the necessary management skills for organization developers. The authors of the current course modules, which consist of several studies or course lessons, are well known, respected experts in the field of organizational development. In-depth information about the course content can be found here (in German).


Authors & modules

The degree course includes the following modules:

Modul Studienbriefe AutorInnen
OE 0100 Organisationen führen und beraten
OE 0110: Einführung Organisationsentwicklung
OE 0120: Führung und Leadership
OE 0130: Organisationen beraten
Prof. Dr. M. Becker
Dr S. Grote
Prof. Dr. R. Arnold
K. Jädtke
V. Hering
Prof. Dr. E. Spieß
OE 0200 Organisationsgestaltung
OE 0210: Strategieentwicklung
OE 0220: Organisationsformen, Strukturen und Prozesse
OE 0230: Moderation und Veranstaltungsplanung
Prof. Dr. R. Wimmer
Dr. A. Gebauer
Dr. T. Schumacher
Prof. Dr. M. Elbe
Dr. A. Krämer-Stürzel
OE 0300 Wandel von Organisationen
OE 0310: Organisations-Diagnose und Interventionen
OE 0320: Veränderungs- und Transformationsprozesse initiieren und begleiten
OE 0330: Wirkungsmonitoring und Evaluierung
Prof. Dr. M. Elbe
Dr. U. Erhardt
Prof. Dr. R. Stockmann
Dr. M. Mayer
OE 0400 Wahlpflichtmodule
4A) Organisationsentwicklung als Wissenschaftsdisziplin
4B) Kommunikation
4C) Lernprozesse aus strategischer Perspektive
Prof. Dr. R. Arnold
T. Bahne
Dr. E. Brozinsky-Schwabe
Prof. Dr. M. von Hauff
Dr. M. Höffer-Mehlmer
Dr. B. Krusche
Prof. H. Mandl
Prof. Dr. G. Rager
B. Weber
Dr. B. Weißbach
Prof. Dr. K. Winkler
OE 0500 Organisationsentwicklung auf drei Interventionsebenen
OE 0510: Erwachsenenlernen und Kompetenzentwicklung
OE 0520: Organisationales Lernen
OE 0530: Kooperationen, Netzwerke und Stakeholder
Prof. Dr. J. Erpenbeck
Prof. Dr. W. Sauter
Dr. S. Grote
L. Lauer
Dr. U. Erhardt
F. Zimmermann
OE 0600 Handlungskompetenzen für

OE 0610: Konflikte bearbeiten
OE 0620: Kommunikation und Feedback
OE 0630: Moderation von Planungsprozessen
J. Kreyenberg
Dr. D. Heisig
Prof. Dr. habil. S. Peters
Dr. J. von Garrel

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Sample texts

Sample texts from selected modules in PDF format:



The compulsory scope of the "Organizational Development" correspondence study course requires a total of 90 credit points or, a student workload of 2,250 hours. The required credit points can be earned through submitted assignments, the successful participation in at least three online seminars, one essay, portfolio work, two written exams, and a master thesis paper.

After all coursework and examinations have been completed as well as a review of the master thesis, the distance learning program concludes with the granting of the academic degree "Master of Arts" (M.A.). The successful graduation from the program is certified by the following documents:

  • Diploma from the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
  • Degree certificate for the academic degree Master of Arts
  • Diploma supplement (DS) in English



The study fees for the "Organizational Development" master's distance learning course is EUR 990 per term, plus the mandatory social services fee of EUR 101 per term. A one time payment in the amount of EUR 500 is required for the master's examination. Starting from the third semester over the regular study time of six semesters, a reduced fee of 30 % of the semester fee is levied. The fee for the master’s thesis is not affected. The study fees cover all costs for the course materials, the participation at the compulsory sessions, the semester examinations, and the administrative expenses. This does not include the travel, accommodation and meal expenses associated with the compulsory events. The study fees are not subject to German VAT and are tax-deductible.


Financial support

Financial support is available from the government by means of individual tax incentives. Depending on your individual tax bracket and employment situation, you can claim the costs as professional or special expenses. Discuss this with your local tax office or tax advisor.
In some circumstances, the Federal and state governments promote continuing professional education with so called training and education checks. Information about this is provided online, for example, at:  www.bildungspraemie.info.

Employers are often willing to share the costs of additional skills qualification measures for their employees. You may also consider the low interest education loans offered by the federal and state governments as well as some banks, like the KfW development bank. Unfortunately, financial support based on Book III of the Social Code (SBG III) or the Federal Training and Education Assistance Act (BAföG) is not possible.

Call us for detailed information or to arrange an individual meeting to discuss the financial aid programs available.



The "Organizational Development" distance learning degree is accredited with the academic title of "Master of Arts". The agency responsible for managing the accreditation process is FIBAA (www.aquas.de).


The application period for "Organizational Development," a limited enrollment distance learning degree from mid-May to mid-July of every year. The courses begin in early October. The form for a written application is also available for download online. You may also apply online by using the link in the info box at the right of the screen.