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The Systemic Management distance learning program (held in German)

Scientifically-based competence in systemic thinking and behaviour

A variety of systemic approaches which exist in many different areas of application are becoming ever more established in fields such as consulting, coaching and project management for human resources management. The Systemic Management distance learning certificate course conveys scientifically-based knowledge in the field of systems thinking and systemic behavior.

Target group

This distance learning course offered by the DISC since 2006 as a one-year certificate program is aimed at university graduates of any faculty with at least one year of professional experience. With its interdisciplinary approach, this course is aimed at specialized personnel and mangers, who hold an executive, consultative or also organizing role. This course is ideal for executive directors, managers, human resource and organizational managers as well as corporate consultants.

The course is held entirely in German.


The distance learning certificate course is a qualification covering professional management of non-controllable systems based on systems-theoretical methods. It also expands and deepens systemic ability to perform on a scientific basis. Upon successful completion of the course, a graded university certificate is issued by the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern.

Schedule and organization

The standard course duration for part-time, vocational study including examination time is two terms. It is also possible to take a break during the course and then return to complete it. The lectures, exercises and seminars of the "Systemic Management" distance learning certificate course are provided in the form of written study material specially developed for distance learning. A weekly commitment of around 20 hours is required to process the material.



The "Systemic Management" distance learning certificate course is carried out in cooperation with the Management Centre Witten (MZW), a training and consulting center affiliated with Witten/Herdecke University »www.uni-wh.de.


On campus events

A compulsory on campus event takes place over a weekend at the end of each term for all participants working towards the "Systemic Management" distance learning certificate. The goal of these events is to reinforce the course contents through group work and workshops, discuss questions on the study material and debate the practical implementation of the program content. A written case review (examination) forms part of the on campus event held during the 2nd term.

In certain circumstances and based on a written application, students who are unable to attend the on campus events due to overseas work commitments have the option of taking the written examinations at a Goethe Institute or a German embassy.


Program content

The distance learning certificate course comprises eight study modules. Among other topics, these modules cover the basics of systemic thinking and acting, the (im)possibility of intervention, social systems, intervention in social systems in practice, systemic management, leadership, organization and management, systems of external and self-control of learning, organization and management consulting. You can find further information, for example on the curriculum regulations (in German), in the download area. This can be accessed at any time via the link in the download box at the top right of the navigation bar.


Authors & modules

The certificate course includes the following modules:

Modul Lehrbriefe, Titel Autoren/innen
SYM 0100 Grundlagen des systemischen Denkens und Handelns apl-Prof. Dr. F. B. Simon
Dipl. Psych. Annette Gebauer
SYM 0200 (Un)Möglichkeit der Intervention Prof. Dr. H. Willke
SYM 0300 Soziale Systeme Dr. A. Karafillidis
SYM 0400 Methoden der Intervention in sozialen Systemen Prof. A. von Schlippe
Prof. Dr. J. Schweitzer
SYM 0500 Systemtypen und -differenzierung Dr. A. Karafillidis
SYM 0600 Strategieentwicklung, Lernen und Wissensmanagement in Organisationen apl-Prof. Dr. R. Wimmer
Dipl. Psych. Annette Gebauer
SYM 0700 Die Systemik der Fremd- und Selbststeuerung des Lernens Prof. R. Arnold
SYM 0800 Organisations- und Unternehmensberatung apl-Prof. Dr. R. Wimmer
Dr. Ch. Kohlbeck
Konzeptionelle Mitwirkung: Dipl. Psych. A. Gebauer, Torsten Groth


Sample texts

Sample texts from selected modules in PDF format:



Four assignments are to be sent in, a thesis written and an examination taken over the course of the certificate program. Once all assignments and examinations have been completed, the distance learning certificate course is concluded with a graded university certificate from the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern.



The tuition fees for the "Systemic Management" distance learning certificate are 1,450 Euro per term, plus the social fee of 102 Euro per term. Starting from the third semester over the regular study time of six semesters, a reduced fee of 30 % of the semester fee is levied. The fee for the master’s thesis is not affected. These tuition fees cover all costs for teaching material, participation in the on campus events, term exams and all administration expenses. However, they do not include any travel, accommodation or meal costs for the on campus events. The tuition fees are exempted from German VAT and are tax-deductible.


Financial Aid

The state can support you in financing your studies with individual tax incentives. Based on your personal rate of taxation and your professional situation, you can for example offset the costs as professional or special expenses. Please get in touch with your local inland revenue office or tax advisor for more information on this. In certain circumstances, the German state can also support you in your professional further training with so-called training and qualification cheques (Bildungs- und Qualifizierungschecks). You can find information on this on the internet, for example at www.bildungspraemie.info.

Employers are often also willing to contribute to the costs of training for their workforce. And low-interest bank loans geared specifically to funding training courses and offered by the state and banks, such as the KfW Development Bank, represent another good option. However, financial support as per the rules of Germany's Social Security Code (SBG III) or Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) is unfortunately not possible.

We would be happy to speak with you about funding options, either on the telephone or in person.



You can apply for the "Systemic Management" distance learning certificate course from mid-May to the end of August of the respective year. Courses begin at the start of October. The form for a written application is also available for download online. You may also apply online by using the link in the info box at the link on the right.