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The "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree (held in German)

Knowledge for an integrative business strategy

Increasing internationalization and ever greater customer expectations are shaping the conditions in which companies and organizations compete. Only an integrative business strategy, which succeeds to overcome the tradtional cost-reducing programs with a multidimensional approach, can secure competitiveness in the long run.

Target group

The four-term, accredited "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree is aimed at university graduates (with the exception of graduates in business management) with at least one year of relevant professional experience. This course is ideal for specialists and managers and people employed in the fields of administration, as well as graduates aspiring to work in this area – particularly when their first degree did not focus on business studies. There is also the possibility for undergraduates to take a part in this programm.

The course is held entirely in German.


The distance learning degree, which DISC has been offering since 2005, aims to provide specialists and managers with a comprehensive knowledge base. In particular this includes basic economic and legal knowledge, as well as the necessary knowledge of "total quality management (TQM)", "finance and controlling" or "marketing and management" *. The course concludes with the academic grade "Master of Arts" (MA).

* "marketing and management" starts likely on Winterterm 2016/17 - changes possible.

Schedule and organization

The standard course duration for part-time, vocational study, including examination time, is four terms. It is also possible to take a break during the course and then return to complete it. The lectures, exercises and seminars of the "Economy and Management" distance learning degree course are provided in the form of written study material especially developed for distance learning. A weekly commitment of around 20 hours is required to process the material. Additional information about the application process can be found here.


On campus events

Two compulsory on campus events take place on a weekend in each of the first three terms. All of these events are held on a weekend and all participants working towards the "Economy and Management" distance learning degree are obliged to attend. The goal of the on campus event is to reinforce the course contents within the scope of group work and workshops, discuss questions on the study material and debate the practical implementation of the program content. Written examinations also form part of the on campus events. A further on campus event (Kick-Off), takes place at the start of the course.

In certain circumstances and based on a written application, students who are unable to attend the on campus events due to overseas work commitments have the option of taking the written examinations at a Goethe Institute or a German embassy.


Program content

The "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree encompasses nine study modules in the first phase. Among other topics, these modules cover basic principles of business studies and legislation, project management, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, change management, management tools, etc.



The degree course includes the following modules:

OEM 0110 Unternehmensführung unter veränderten Rahmenbedingungen
OEM 0120 Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre
OEM 0210 Finanzberichterstattung
OEM 0220 Controllingorientiertes Rechnungswesen
OEM 0230 Fallstudie
OEM 0310 Investition
OEM 0320 Finanzierung
OEM 0330 Steuern
OEM 0410 Gesellschaftsrecht
OEM 0420 Individualarbeitsrecht
OEM 0510 Marketing
OEM 0520 Produktionswirtschaft
OEM 0530 Personalführung
OEM 0610 Allgemeine Wirtschaftspolitik
OEM 0620 Makroökonomie
OEM 0630 Statistik
OEM 0710 Informations- und Wissensmanagement
OEM 0720 Innovationsmanagement
OEM 0810 Nachhaltigkeit
OEM 0820 Öko-Audit
OEM 0830 Corporate Social Responsibility
OEM 0910 Change Management
OEM 0920 Projektmanagement
OEM 0930 Managementtools
Specialisation Finance and Controlling
FC 0110Konzepte und Instrumente des Controlling 
FC 0120Anwendung von Controllinginstrumenten                 
FC 0210Kapitalanlagenmanagement    
FC 0220Risikomanagement
Specialisation Total Quality Management
QM 0110Prozessmanagement  
QM 0120Kundenorientierung- und zufriedenheit     
QM 0130Mitarbeiterorientierung und -zufriedenheit    
QM 0210Qualitätsmanagementsysteme
QM 0220Statistische Methoden des Qualitätsmanagements       
Specialisation Marketing and Management*
MM 0110Marktforschung
MM 0120Preis- und Verhandlungsmanagement
MM 0210Strategisches Management
MM 0220Organisation von Temporärem
MM 0230Management von Risiken und Unsicherheiten                   

*Voraussichtlich ab WS 16/17 - Änderungen vorbehalten




All participants in the "Economy and Management" distance learning degree must gain 90 credit points in order to graduate. Records of achievement are required during the course to reach the necessary number of points. These take the form of send-in assignments, examinations and the submission of a master's thesis. Once all assignments and examinations have been successfully completed and a master's thesis submitted, the distance learning degree is concluded with the academic title "Master of Arts" (MA). Successful participants will then receive the following documents:

  • Report from the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
  • Certificate on awarding of the academic title Master of Arts
  • Diploma supplement (DS) in English



The study fees for the "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree are 1,600 Euro per term. From the 7th semester onwards, the study fee is decreased to 30%. Added to this is a social contribution of currently 102 Euro per term. The one-off fee for the Master's examination is 500 Euro. Starting from the third semester over the regular study time of six semesters, a reduced fee of 30 % of the semester fee is levied. The fee for the master’s thesis is not affected. These study fees cover all costs for digital teaching material, participation in the on campus events, term exams and all administration expenses. However, they do not include any travel, accommodation or meal costs for the on campus events. The study fees are not subject to German VAT and are tax-deductible.


Financial Aid

The state can support you in financing your studies with individual tax incentives. Based on your personal rate of taxation and your professional situation, you can for example offset the costs as professional or special expenses. Please get in touch with your local inland revenue office or tax advisor for more information on this. In certain circumstances, the German state can also support you in your professional further training with so-called training and qualification cheques (Bildungs- und Qualifizierungschecks). You can find information on this on the internet, for example at www.bildungspraemie.info.

Employers are often also willing to contribute to the costs of training for their workforce. And low-interest bank loans geared specifically to funding training courses and offered by the state and banks, such as the KfW Development Bank, represent another good option. However, financial support as per the rules of Germany's Social Security Code (SBG III) or Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) is unfortunately not possible.



The "Economy and Management" distance learning degree is accredited for the academic title of "Master of Arts". The agency responsible for managing the accreditation process is FIBAA (www.fibaa.de).



You can apply for the "Economy and Management" distance learning degree from the 15th May to the 31th August of the respective year. Courses begin at the start of October. The documentation is also available for download and submission in a written application. You can also access the online application area via the link on the right.