Nadine Bondorf
Dear new Distance Students,
I am very pleased to welcome you to the Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) of the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK). You have chosen one of our future-oriented degree programmes and will soon begin your academic continuous education. I wish you only the best in your endeavour!
The organisation of the programmes and the didactically prepared learning materials are based on the concept of independent learning. You will be supported in taking personal responsibility for your own learning process with a teaching-learning arrangement that consists of a combination of self-learning materials, on-campus phases and online-based interactions in the online campus. Each programme has an own virtual learning environment in our learning platform OpenOLAT that will accompany you for the duration of your course.
We have collected some helpful information on starting your programme that we will present in the following. Do you have any additional questions or suggestions? Your programme team will support you with advice and guidance.
Dr. Nadine Bondorf
Managing Director DISC

Current news

Introductory event

At the beginning of the programmes, we normally invite all student to participate in a joint introductory event on the TUK campus. The introductory event provides you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the TUK as well as the DISC, and to get to know the departmental and administrative coordinators of the institution and programmes as well as your peers. In addition, you will receive important information about the course of your programme.

Due to recent events

In your admission letter, we already informed you about the date of the introductory event. If you require accommodation in Kaiserslautern and the surroundings, you can access the town's hotel registry here.

Unfortunately, we currently cannot provide reliable information on whether the current situation will allow us to organise a respective event this year. You will receive further information in due course.
We recommend booking your hotel and transport as late as possible and ensuring that you have the option to cancel free of charge until departure day. From early October, we will publish special hotel offers in the online environment (see also the following information on the online campus); these hotels generally offer free cancellations until departure day if booked with our hotel reservation form. We cannot refund hotel and travel costs should the event have to be cancelled at short notice.

Consultations & support

We will support you throughout the course of your distance programme - from admission to graduation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or require a consultation.

We are always happy to help!

Please contact your DISC contact persons for general programme questions.

The Subdivision Distance Student Affairs is happy to answer any specific questions related to study and examination matters.

Online campus

Each programme has an own virtual learning environment in our learning platform OpenOLAT that will accompany you for the duration of your course. Here, you can e.g. communicate with fellow students, access all important deadlines and dates in one central location, receive information from us during the semester, sign up for courses, upload the written assignments and much more.

Online programme management

In the TUK's online portal, you can use the QIS self-service function for study administration that encompasses the following online services:

  • Check you re-registration status,
  • List of fees,
  • Printing study certificates (e.g., data sheet, enrolment certificate)

Further information on the QIS self-service function is available here.

First steps

Step 1: Accepting your place

By paying the social fee and the tuition fee, you accept your place in the programme. Please note the payment deadlines stated in your admission letter.

Step 2: Activation RHRK account 

Upon enrolment at the TUK, all students receive a student account for the Regional University Computing Center (Regionales Hochschul-Rechenzentrum Kaiserslautern, RHRK), enabling them to use the online services provided by the TUK. Please activate your RHRK account once you receive your enrolment certificate (at the latest, at the beginning of the semester). This account has an associated email address that will be used for all programme-related communication. To activate your account, you need the initial password from your data sheet.

Step 3: OpenOLAT registration

We will send you a welcome letter containing more detailed information about your (cohort) course on OpenOLAT before the beginning of the semester. With this information you can enrol in the relevant course. Further information about the first steps in OpenOLAT can be found here

Step 4: QIS registration  

To register in QIS, you need your matriculation number (=login/user name) and the initial password from your data sheet. You will receive both with your enrolment notice.

Step 5: Activation of the first semester of the cohort course in OpenOLAT

If you have completed your registration in OpenOLAT (see Step 3), the DISC will activate you for the first semester of your cohort course. Activation normally takes place (at the latest) at the beginning of the lecture period (second half of October).


Financial matters - study costs

Payment by instalments: The semester fee can generally be paid in instalments if requested. You can find all further information on payment by instalments here.

Employer payment: In exceptional cases, the invoice for the semester fee can be made to the employer. Please contact the contact persons of the respective degree programmes at the DISC for more information.

More information: More information on payments can be found in our fee structure.