Scientific director: Prof. Dr. Volker Lingnau


The future of companies

The digital revolution has triggered profound changes in the technological field as well as in organisations: concepts are therefore required that consider the employees' competence development. This results in opportunities and potentials for businesses and organisations but is simultaneously linked to challenges and issues.

Target group

The German-language Certificate course is aimed at managers who would like to familiarise themselves with digitalisation's effects on and opportunities for management and business processes and increase their (management) competencies in this area.


Objective and degree

The Certificate course provides the participants with the opportunity to identify the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation of work processes in their own companies as well as their innovation potential related to operating and business procedures. Management behaviour in terms of digital transformation phenomena can be reflected upon and adapted accordingly.

Graduates are awarded a university certificate.


Programme concept

Programme content

The entirely online-based Certificate course comprises five compulsory modules. The topics covered include

  • Digital transformation,
  • Management and organisational research,
  • Controlling 4.0,
  • Innovative pricing systems,
  • Development of business models and internationalisation of start-ups.

Teaching-learning format

The DISC concept is essentially based on self-study phases. Both programme organisation and the didactically prepared learning materials are based on the concept of independent learning: the learners are supported in taking personal responsibility for their own learning process by a teaching-learning arrangement that consists of a combination of self-learning materials and online-based interactions in the online campus.

Schedule and organisation

The Certificate course Digital Management has a standard period of study of six months (part-time). Course content is conveyed through written learning material, text excerpts from the relevant specialist literature and learning videos, all of which can be accessed in the online campus.

Examination prerequisites and components are completed in the form of online tasks, an online seminar and a case study. The mandatory five-week online seminar "Successfully designing digitalisation projects" is normally offered from early November to early/mid-December and is predominantly asynchronous, allowing participation alongside everyday working lives.


At a glance

The course fee is currently EUR 890. In the first semester exceeding the standard period of study, no course fees are charged. As of the second semester exceeding the standard period of study, the fee is reduced to 30 percent of the original fee. The course fees are exempted from German VAT and may be tax-deductible if the legal requirements are fulfilled.

Subject to change.

The Certificate course starts in the winter semester (October) of every year. You can apply from mid May to the end of August every year. The application form for the Certificate course can be accessed here.

The Certificate course's scientific director is Prof. Dr. Volker Lingnau (TU Kaiserslautern).

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