Application phase for orientation studies TUKzero has started

Am I up to the demands of studying? Which study programme suits my interests and inclinations best?

The German-language orientation studies TUKzero is aimed at Abitur students as well as prospective students in general who would like to clarify these questions.

During the summer semester, students have the opportunity to get to know the daily routine of studying: TUKzero makes it possible to experience the content requirements of the respective study programme and also the career perspectives that it opens up. Also, students get to know the campus with its various facilities and gain an insight into the activities of the student groups that contribute to shaping university life. After two rounds offered entirely virtually, TUKzero is planned again in regular (face-to-face) mode for the coming summer semester.

The location of the orientation studies at the Distance and Independent Studies Center's (DISC's) Center for Self-directed Learning offers additional advantages: "The offers of the Center for Self-directed Learning are designed to support students in the various phases of the study process and are also available to students in the orientation phase. The mix of online courses and training and counselling offers guarantees students the greatest possible variety and flexibility in the further development of their interdisciplinary skills, which include, for example, time and self-management or the use of learning techniques," explains Monika Haberer, who heads the Center for Self-directed Learning and the eTeaching Service Centre at the DISC. 

Prospective students can apply up to and including February 28, 2022.

Further information on the course of studies and application at