From a distance student to a book author

Betty Wollgarten is a graduate of the distance learning programme in Human Resources Development at the Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC). In an interview, the 46-year-old talks about the inspiration behind her current vocation as an author, explaining the connection to her Master's degree and her final thesis at DISC.


Already in her first book "machtRaum: Frauen, Führung, Macht. Wege zu mehr Souveränität." ("powerSpace: Women, Leadership, Power. Ways to more sovereignty") Wollgarten and her co-author explored the question of what one can do to reach one's own goal in difficult conversation situations. The topic of language continued to accompany Wollgarten and eventually provided the idea for her Master's thesis, which at the same time served as inspiration for her second book entitled "Ich-Sprache: Was ich tue, wenn ich spreche. Theorie und Praxis für Beratung, Beruf und Führung" ("Ego-Language: What I do when I speak. Theory and practice for counselling, profession and leadership").