A look at Technoethics

Due to the rapid spread of new technologies and ongoing digitalisation, no area of human life is conceivable today without technology. This offers both opportunities and risks, the evaluation of which raises ethical questions. In this context, Prof. Dr. Karen Joisten, who is the scientific director of the distance learning programme in Technoethics at DISC, was interviewed by the Digital Future Society. As one of the leading experts in this field, she provides interesting insights into the technical complexity of the ethical assessment of technologies with regard to social and political developments.

The certificate programme in Technoethics adresses this situation and provides new impulses for the responsible handling of technical innovations. It is aimed at people from the fields of natural and engineering sciences, health management and IT consulting, among others.

You can find the complete interview here.

An application for the distance learning programme in Technoethics is possible here until 15th September 2020.