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The DISC at the "e-Learning@UniGR" Symposium at the Université du Luxembourg on 7th February 2013

The symposium "e-Learning@UniGR" takes place on the 07th February 2013 from 09am until 6pm at the Université du Luxembourg (Campus Walferdange). The topics at the transnational, interdisciplinary symposium include development and application of digital media in the area of education, especially regional universities with a special consideration of academic training and further education.

As Co-organiser the DISC is moderating the session "Mobile Learning and Classroom Teaching", where we present our pilot project "Mobile and Paperless Program". Additionally, the DISC will present its "Self Directed Studies Center".

Further information, as well as the program can be found here.

Location: Université du Luxembourg, Campus Walferdange

Date: 07.02.2013

Time: 9:00 - 18:00

For further information please visit: http://www.uni-gr.eu/veranstaltungen/elearning.html  

Live-Stream of the event: http://www.unigr.celtech.de

04.02.2013 – 12:06

By: DISC-Marketing