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Application deadlines

Different from the regulations of the "Civil Code", the deadline is not until the end of the next business day (§31 clause 3 sentence 2 of the Administrative Procedure Act):

CourseDegreeAdmission LimitApplicationAssigning after application deadline
Adult Education M.A.nountil August 31
Child Psychology: Learning and Learning DisabilitiesM.Sc.yesuntil July 15
Commercial Law for Business PracticeLL.M.nountil July 15
Digital ManagementCertificatenountil August 31
Economy and Management M.A.nountil August 31  
European Adult EducationCertificatenountil August 31
Fire Protection PlanningM.Eng.yesuntil July 15
Financial EngineeringM.Sc.yesuntil July 15
Human Resources Development M.A.nountil August 31
Management of Cultural and Non-Profit OrganizationsM.A.nountil August 31
Management of Health and Social InstitutionsM.A.nountil August 31 
Master of Evaluation (MABLE)M.A.yesuntil August 15
Medical Physics M.Sc.yesuntil July 15u
Medical Physics and Engineering Certificateyesuntil July 15
NanotechnologyM.Sc.yesuntil July 15
NanobiotechnologyCertificateyesuntil July 15
Organisational DevelopmentM.A.nountil August 31
School Management M.A.nountil August 31
Software Engineering for Embedded Systems M.Eng.yesuntil July 15
Social Sciences: Organisation and CommuicationM.A.nountil August 31
Sustainable Development CooperationM.A.nountil August 31
Systemic ConsultingM.A.yesuntil July 15
Systemic Management Certificatenountil August 31
Tax Law for Business OperationsLL.M.nountil July 15

Should more applications be received for a limited admission course than there are places available, the places are awarded using a selection procedure. Should there be study places left after the closing date for applications, these will be allocated within a competition.

Click here for detailed information about the application procedure.