In-company fire prevention

According to DGUV information 205-003, vfdb guideline 12-09/01 and VdS3111, fire prevention officers must attend a continuous education course every three years.

Target group

The German-language Certificate course is aimed at people who wish to refresh their knowledge of fire prevention or are required to attend a continuous education course in accordance with DGUV/vfdb/VdS.

Objective and degree

The Certificate course provides participants with the opportunity to update their knowledge of fire prevention.

Graduates are awarded a university certificate.

Programme concept

Programme content

The Refresher course covers topics such as

  • In-company training,
  • New insights and methods in fire prevention,
  • Risk assessment,
  • Fire prevention with foreign-language employees.

Teaching-learning format

The DISC concept is essentially based on self-study phases that are consolidated and enhanced through on-campus, face-to-face contact hours.

Until further notice no dates are offered.

Schedule and organisation

The Refresher course for fire prevention officers comprises units acquired through self-study as well as a two-day on-campus phase that includes an experimental lecture and a joint wine tasting. The course corresponds to approx. 16 lesson units.


At a glance

The course fee is currently EUR 653. The fee does not include travel, accommodation or meal expenses associated with the on-campus phase. The course fees are exempted from German VAT and may be tax-deductible if the legal requirements are fulfilled..

Subject to change.

The Certificate course is scientifically overseen by the Department of Civil Engineering at the TU Kaiserslautern. The Refresher course Fire Prevention Officer is organised by the proCampus GmbH and professionally supervised by the engineering firm i3b.

The application form for the Refresher course can be accessed here.

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